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Becoming a Mestre

To be a mestre, start by being a student. Being a good student is based in the 5 pillars of capoeira.

1st Pillar: Join an academy and train under a mestre. 

Be a member with a group of students, a community of people under the guidance of a mestre. Honor your mestre, be grateful by being the best student you can be. Practice with your class mates, be consistent in your attendance, inspire others towards excellence. Your mestre is someone who gives her/his life to inspire others towards health and wisdom through capoeira. Your mestre is your guide, your coach, with the vision to bring your beyond your own goals.

2nd Pillar: Home Practice

Start a daily practice. Review the basics, the fundaments, the ABC's. Train what you are learning in class. Work by yourself mindfully to internalize good technique, balance, coordination, strength, flexibility. Practice sequencias and jogos with a partner to develop communication, reflexes, instincts, flow, timing. In home practice you develop from the inside out. Here, you are your guide, your inspiration, your teacher.

3rd Pillar: Participate in the Capoeira Community

Participate in workshops, rodas, events with other groups, though choose wisely. Discover how your jogo works with othercapoeiristas, how your style works with other styles. Find things you admire in the practice of others. Reinforce what you like about your style, find areas for development. Discover areas for improvement through your participation in the international capoeira community.

4th Pillar: Take care of your Mind, Body & Spirit

Do the things that promote health, vitality and longevity.  Eat nutritious foods, hydrate, get plenty of sleep and rest: a good place to begin. Develop habits that develop your mind, body and spirit. Push your boundaries, explore outside of your comfort zone. Live well, share and be considerate. Give back to others, to earth, to the universe.

5th Pillar: The Universe

This realm is for each of us to explore with an open heart and mind. The forces of nature that are unseen, unsung, and undiscovered are everywhere. Be open and receptive to their power. They effect us all in realms of which we are mostly unaware. 

These 5 Pillars are to be explored and developed. All 5 Pillars promote growth, balance and longevity in capoeira and in life.

- Mestre Ombrinho

Opening a mindful practice for all ages and abilities.